International delivery company Venipak approached us having a task to produce parcel machines with which the company would enter the Baltic market.

the task

The client did not want a standard solution. We were looking for a more efficient design of parcel machines, saving production costs and an intelligent IT system that would be convenient for the end-user.

The client needed parcel machines of various sizes, easily assembled in multiple cities in the Baltic countries.


We have installed a modern yet cost-saving software to make parcel pickup quick and convenient for customers. The QR code scanning system reduced the time of parcel pick up from 30 to 3 seconds.

The contactless pickup had worked especially well during the pandemic when customers avoided touching surfaces in public areas.

“I am glad that we chose Flexity to be our partner. The team never let us doubt their professionalism, and the out-of-the-box solutions took our project to the next level. We completed the project on time and within budget - and this shows the reliability of our partners“

Justas Šablinskas