Flexity is a brand founded by the “Lanksti Linija” company, established in Lithuania in 2001. The company has grown to be an international market player in creating flexible retail ecosystems that meet the needs of clients. Currently, we have almost 300 employees, each of whom seeks the highest professional standards in their field.

We provide a condensed range of products, as this allows us to ensure the correct quality and product availability. Our goal is to offer relevant, tailor-made solutions to any of our clients’ needs.


We adapt to the desires and business needs of our clients, which helps us create better solutions and deliver on their vision.


We can contribute to both communication and product development. We also focus on the essentials, by creating simplicity.

Lean solution

We never offer complicated or expensive solutions. We work with our clients to find the best solutions, which are also convenient for the end user.

Delivery capabilities

From small to large projects, we have the full capacity to fulfil our clients' visions.

benefits we build

Exclusive focus

We exclusively focus on parcel lockers, shelving systems and self-service checkouts. We provide a condensed range of products, as this allows us to ensure the current quality and product availability.


We are ready to bring your company’s innovative ideas to reality. Our specialists are always open to discuss your next big idea.

Manufacturing flexibility

We can adapt to a variety of needs – from smaller batch orders to national parcel locker rollout projects. We can also produce products according to special orders.

Established track record

We have over 20 years of experience in metal manufacturing and can guarantee the highest product quality.


We understand our clients’ ideas and take them through all stages from product development to distribution. We also provide packaging and logistics services, for more convenient collaborations.