Latvijas Pasts

Latvijas Pasts modernization project of 136 new generation outdoor parcel machines in Latvia.


Latvijas Pasts, as the national postal service of Latvia, is dedicated to enhancing its customer service. With a commitment to simplifying parcel collection, returns and offering greater convenience, Latvijas Pasts has partnered with Flexity. These cutting-edge lockers redefine the parcel reception experience, ensuring seamless collection of parcels, large-format deliveries, and registered items. Our collaboration aims to elevate customer satisfaction by providing efficient and user-friendly self-service zones through the implementation of Flexity Parcel Lockers.

the task

Latvijas Pasts seeks a solution that can streamline the parcel delivery process, reduce operational complexities, and enhance customer satisfaction. This endeavor requires an integrated system that can accommodate diverse parcel sizes, ensure secure storage, and offer a user-friendly interface accessible to all.

the solution

To revolutionize parcel management for Latvijas Pasts, we deployed 136 state-of-the-art Flexity Experience Lockers (FXL) strategically across Latvia. These lockers serve as a comprehensive solution, offering an array of advanced features to streamline the entire parcel handling process.

With FXL, Latvijas Pasts customers experience unparalleled convenience. Our lockers boast an integrated POS device, allowing seamless on-the-spot payments. Moreover, customers can effortlessly print labels, manage collections, and facilitate returns, all achieved through simple scanning procedures.

Security is paramount. Each FXL unit is equipped with external video cameras, ensuring robust surveillance and safeguarding every parcel transaction. This security setup guarantees the protection of stored items, providing customers and Latvijas Pasts with peace of mind.

Our FXL solution transcends mere functionality; it represents an innovative leap forward in customer-centric parcel management, seamlessly merging cutting-edge technology with top-tier security protocols to redefine the delivery experience across Latvia.